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  2. Hoshi no Onsenkan Kirara

Hoshi no Onsenkan Kirara

  • ■Ikenoyamaso staying at the Ikenoyamaso
    From check-in until 24:00
    The next day from 5:30 to 9:00

    Hot Spring Hall "Kirara" is a stop-by hot spring facility located right next to the Ikenoyamaso.
    A hot spring surrounded by rich nature.Skin is also sprinkling with beautiful hot water with tender quality gentle fountain quality!
    It is a simple alkaline hot spring, it has efficacy for bruises, sprains, muscle pain and fatigue recovery.
    In addition to the public bath, there is an outdoor bath, and you can also use Raku tsuki no ma rest building "Relaxing Raku tsuki no ma"Raku tsuki no ma relaxation while watching the scenery.

A large panorama overlooks the center of Hoshinomura from a spacious bathtub.

  • One-day hot spring from 10:00 to 22:00(Last reception 21:30)

    From the indoor bath, a large panorama overlooks Hoshinomura from a spacious bathtub.
    There are two popular outdoor baths, and you can enjoy swapping between even days and odd days.
    Men are Miharashi-no-yu even numbers, women are Mori-no-yu.

    【Information on hot spring use】
    ◇One-day hot springs (From October 1, 2019)
    10:00 to 22:00, ※Last bathing is at 21:30
    520 yen/adult(Middle school student), 260 yen/child (4 years old ~ elementary school student)

    ◇Ikenoyamaso staying at the Ikenoyamaso
    From check-in until 24:00
    The next day from 5:30 to 9:00
Efficacy of hot springs·effect【source】38.3 degrees, pH 9.6
【Hot Spring Qualities】Simple alkaline hot spring
【Efficacy】Recovery from fatigue·Coldness·Neuralgia, gout, Rheumatism·Stiff shoulder, Frozen, Low back pain, arthritis·Bruised, sprain·muscle pain, Motor paralysis

Open Air Bath

  • ●Outdoor bath Miharashi-no-yu

    Miharashi-no-yu overlooks the center of Hoshinomura.
    At night, you can enjoy a relaxing bath with the starry sky of Hoshinomura.
  • ●Outdoor bath Mori-no-yu

    Space of healing surrounded by bold stones and trees.
    It's as if you are bathing in the forest.
    You can refresh yourself with yourself with the green and the bath.
Usage informationFrom October 1, 2019
●One-day hot springs《10:00 to 22:00》520 yen/adult, 260 yen/child ※Last bathing is at 21:30
●Family bath, Charge: 1 room 50 minutes 1530 yen, ※Reservation for family baths is only available on the day of reservation. Telephone appointment only.
●50 parking spaces
【Limited to Yame Citizens】
65 years of age or older, (All day)310 yen
After 19 o'clock, 310 yen/adult·150 yen/child

The 26th of every month is a bath day, 260 yen for adults, 150 yen for children

Family bath

  • "Family hot water that you can use with your family, couples, friends"Sora-no-yu","Irodori-no-yu".
    You can bathe in a semi-outdoor mood while opening the bay window of the bath and watching the green.
  • Midair(Sky)Hot water
  • Aya(Irodori)Hot water
GuidanceFrom October 1, 2019
●Family bath, Charge: 1 room 50 minutes 1,530 yen
●General, 11:00 to 18:00
●Ikenoyamaso staying at the Ikenoyamaso, 11:00 to 20:00

After bathing, please relax at "On the Raku tsuki no ma" next to Onsenkan Kirara

  • After bathing, please relax at "On the Raku tsuki no ma" next to Onsenkan Kirara.
Star hot spring, Kirara Ikenoyamaso〒834-0201
10780-58 Hoshino Village, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture