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  2. Ikenoyama Camping ground

Ikenoyama Camping ground

  • Natural lake "Aso Pond" 700 m wide.
    The quiet Kohan is surrounded by 28 lodges and bungalows and you can enjoy barbecue and camping.
    There is also a Restaurant Kohan campsite!

    ■The lodge B type allows you to have BBQ and meals at the eaves, so don't worry if it rains a little!

Lodge, From 13,200 yen per building

Bungalow, From 8,800 yen per building

Tent site, 1 Zhang 2,200 yen

  • Accommodation camping tent site

    ●1 Zhang, 2,200 yen (For bringing in 5 tents)
    We do not lend tents.

    ●Day trip DeCamp ※Only available on weekdays(Yes)
    Enjoy the rich nature such as barbecue and exploring nature.
    Admission fee/One person 200 yen, ※Accommodation is unnecessary.
    Utilization time/From 10:00 to 17:00

●Lodge · Bungalow Price List

●Camping equipment etc.·Loan item(Sales item)Price list

Ikenoyama Camping ground, About use

●Opening HourCheck in time: 14 o'clock (tent site is at 12 o'clock)
Check-out: Next ten o'clock (tent site next 12 o'clock)
●Precautions for use1. Parking in the park and nearby roads is prohibited.
2. Please stretch the tent at the designated tent site.
3. Firecrackers, rocket fireworks and oversized fireworks are prohibited.
4. To prevent noise, generators and loudspeakers cannot be used.
5. You cannot swim or fish in Aso Pond.
6. Please sort the garbage in the designated bag and bring it to the designated place.
7. It is prohibited to disturb other users such as late night loud voice or strange voice.
●About parking lotParking on the street in the vicinity of the campsite is extremely dangerous.
There is a free parking lot so please never park on the street.
We also rent a rear car for carrying packages, so please use it.
●About using rear carAlthough rear cars can be used for carrying luggage, persons in charge should be careful to use them.
Especially the use of only children is very dangerous. Adults should take responsibility until returning.
●About accidentsAs for accidents in the park, we do not take any responsibility, so please be careful of the leader and the responsible person.
※Let 's keep rules and manner with each other, let' s make it a memorable and fun camp.
●About reservationAccommodation reservations can be made from the "Official"Ikenoyamaso
*If you call, you Ikenoyamaso to make a reservation.
(It may be difficult to connect depending on the time of day)
Ikenoyama Camping ground〒834-0201
10874 Hoshino Village, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
*【Official】You can make a reservation from the Ikenoyamaso
Tel:0943-52-2082  *Reservations by phone Ikenoyamaso at Ikeyamaso.

Ikenoyama Camping ground Frequently asked questions

  • 【Questions about the lodge】

    Q. What facilities does the lodge have?
    A. kitchen, Gas stove(One)toilet, unit bus, Coin operated air conditioner(One hour 100 yen)
      Futon for basic capacity is attached.(Refrigerator, microwave oven, rice cooker, dishes are not attached.)

    Q. What happens if I exceed the basic capacity?
    A. When using more than the basic capacity, an additional fee of 2,200 yen is required from elementary school students and above.
    Blanket rental is included in the extra charge.(There is no futon rental.)
      (For group use, an additional charge of 1,100 yen is required for infants (4 years old and up). )

    Q. What kind of lodge types are there?
    A. For 4 people (maximum 8 people) it will be equipped with bunk beds.(Old lodge)
    For the capacity of 5 people (maximum 10 people) it will be loft type.* Barrier-free compliant (flat-bed) available in 2 buildings

    Q. Can I have a barbecue outside if it rains?
    A. There are places of eaves, places where there is a furnace, and there is a place not depending on the lodge.Please confirm on your reservation.

    Q. What time is check in and check out?
    A. Check in is from 14:00.Check out time will be 10:00 the next morning.

    Q. What should I do if check-in is delayed?
    A. Please contact us if it passes after 17:00.I will explain what you can prepare in advance and reception place.

    【Questions about bungalows】

    Q. What kind of building is a bungalow?
    A. Mountain hut type of flooring.(Lighting and outlet only. No facilities are attached.)

    Q. What do I do with a kitchen, toilet and bath?
    A. Kitchen and toilet will be shared facilities use.There is a hot spring of the Ikenoyamaso (Kirara) in the bath.
      It is available until 22:00 (21:30 final reception).* 7 minutes on foot from campground.
    Bathing fee, Adult(s)(Middle school student)520 yen, children(4 years old ~)260 yen

    Q. What should I do with futon (bedding)?
    A. There are people who can sleep with people who prepare futons and sleeping bags individually or borrowing a piece (100 yen) and a blanket (200 yen) at the campsite office.

    Q. What type of bungalows are available?
    A. It is an old bungalow for the capacity of 8 people (maximum 12 people).No eaves left * Each one is away.
    For a capacity of 10 people (maximum 20 people) it is a new bungalow.There is a eaves edge * It is hardening and building.

    Q. What time is check in and check out?
    A. Check in is from 14:00.Check out time will be 10:00 the next morning.

    Q. What should I do if check-in is delayed?
    A. Please contact us if it passes after 17:00.I will explain what you can prepare in advance and reception place.

    【Questions about tent sites】

    Q. What kind of tent site is it?
    A. It is a free tent site without compartments.We are being stretched in the vacant space from those who came.

    Q. Can I do an auto camp?
    A. Auto camping is not supported.There is no power supply.

    Q. Can Tarp be established? Is there a charge?
    A. Tarp can be extended if it does not inconvenience the surroundings.The price is 550 yen per tarp.

    Q. What time is check in and check out?
    A. Check in is from 12:00.Check-out is at 12:00 the next morning.

    Q. What should I do for reception?
    A. I will do it at the campsite office.In case of staying in a tent, it is a fee prepayment.There is no rental of the tent.

    Q. Can I have a tent next to a lodge or bungalow?
    A. I'm sorry.We can not set up a tent outside the tent site.

    【Other, common questions】
    Q. Can I have a day-long barbecue? Prices?
    A. Day-use camps and day camps are available from 9:00 to 17:00.(Entry fee 1 person 200 yen)
      Please accept at the campsite office.Please use the vacant space for the barbecue.
    (When using lodges and bungalows, charge for one building is required.)
    * GW, Bon Festival, weekend and so on are crowded, so we may refuse.Please confirm in advance.

    Q. What kind of things are there for paid, free rental items?
    A. Paid rental···Barbecue set (mesh or iron plate) 1,000 yen, pot, frying pan, utensils 300 yen each
    Free rental···Knife, Cutting board, Monkey, bowl, Tong, Chopsticks, A kettle

    Q. Can I reserve rental items?
    A. Reservations for rental items are not accepted.