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10780-58 Hoshino Village, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture

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Hoshino Village, Yame City (45 minutes by car from Kyushu Expressway Yame Interchange)

Pick-up presence (condition)
Guests with groups of 15 or more can transfer by bus.(Reservation required)
  • For those coming by car

    Hoshi-no-furusato of the Hoshi-no-furusato is about 45 minutes by car from Hirokawa Interchange, Yame IC.
    When coming from Oita, it is approximately 45 minutes from Haki IC.

  • People who come by train / bus

    About 90 minutes by transfer from JR Hainuzuka Station to Yame City
    (Transfer to Horikawa Bus from Hainuzuka Station and 20 minutes to Fukushima Bus Stop in Yame City. Transfer Horikawa Bus Bounded for Hoshino for 80 minutes to Ikenoyama-mae Bus Stop the Ikenoyama-mae Bus Stop.Please walk to each facility on foot.)
  • Hoshinomura surrounding map

  • Hoshi-no-furusato surrounding map